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Photograph by tracie7779on Flickr.

When miniature painting became a big part of the role-playing game and war gaming genres it was accepted to use Figure painting hobby enamel paints. Figurine painting is a form of artwork where the artist paints miniature figurines. Miniature figurines come in a variety painting of sizes and in fact anything produced in a smaller Figure painting hobby size than the original is considered a figurine. Most figurines used in gaming (to which this article is referring) are 54mm or 28mm scale.
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28mm is also called Heroic scale when the true height of the miniature (from toe to eye level) is a bit bigger than 28mm. There are Figure painting hobby many different types of paints available to be used for miniature painting activities. The formulas of the paints differ from company to company.

Painters experiment with the different types of paint available and usually stick with the brands they are most comfortable with. . Most of the companies that Figure painting hobby manufacture the miniature figurines used in games also manufacture or endorse a brand of paint.

Enamels are very thick, hard to work with and often diminish the amount of detail that can be observed. Today, it is widely accepted to use specially formulated acrylic paints. The different formulas also Figure painting hobby react differently from each other by having different texture, consistency and amount of additives used.