Irises painting

painting - Irises  painting
Photograph by wbaivon Flickr.

Irises was painted while Vincent van Gogh was living at the asylum at Saint Paul-de-Mausole in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France Irises painting in the last year before his death in 1890. It was painted before his first attack at the asylum. There is painting a lack of the high tension which is seen in Irises painting his later works.

Irises is a painting by the Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh. He called the painting the lightning conductor for Miniature painting my illness , because he felt that he could keep himself from going insane by continuing to paint. The painting was influenced by Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock Irises painting prints, like many of his works and those by other artists of the time.

The similarities occur with strong outlines, unusual angles, including close-up views and also flattish local colour (not modelled according to the fall of light). He considered this painting a study, which is probably why there Irises painting are no known drawings for it strikes the eye from afar. Irises is currently (as of 2008) seventh on the inflation-adjusted list of most expensive paintings ever sold, and in 18th place if the effects of inflation are ignored. .

The Irises are a beautiful study full of air Irises painting and life. Its first owner was the French art critic and anarchist Octave Mirbeau, who was also one of Van Gogh s first supporters: he paid 300 francs for it. In 1987, it became the most expensive painting ever sold, setting a record which stood for two and a half years. Irises painting