painting - Flaming June

painting - Flaming June
Photograph by MagicToDooron Flickr.

Flaming June is a painting by Frederic Lord Leighton, produced in 1895. On a stop in a gallery in Amsterdam, painting Flaming June he found Flaming June abandoned in a corner.

Ferre called him in the morning, assuring him painting that the money would be wired and asking him to keep his promise - which he did, even though other people had already gone to the gallery and liked the painting. Thus, Flaming June traveled to the Ponce Museum painting An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump of Art and was prominently displayed. The man gave his word of not selling it to anyone else. Antonio Luis Ferre, the industrialist s son, many years later related that his father spent a sleepless night, worried that the gallery owner wouldn t keep his promise.

Ferre - the noted Puerto Rican industrialist and politician, who would be elected Governor five years later - was on a trip around Europe, engaged in purchasing paintings and sculptures for the Ponce Museum of Art in Puerto Rico, which he had founded. He became impressed by the painting s beauty, and asked the owner about it. The owner said no one was interested in the painting because it was considered too old-fashioned for the time.

Even though Ferre thought it was expensive (as noted above, it had shortly before been auctioned for much less), they entered into an agreement that Ferre would wire the money for the painting. In later years, it was loaned to important expositions around the world, with the renewal of interest in Victorian art.

But he added that if Ferre was interested in it, that he could have it for $10,000. It is thought that the woman portrayed alludes to the sleeping figures the Greeks would often paint which were collectively referred to as Venus. Flaming June was auctioned in the 1960s, during a period of time known to be difficult for selling Victorian era paintings, where it failed to sell for its low reserve price of $140 USD (the equivalent of $840 in contemporary prices).

As noted by El Nuevo Dia Newspaper (April 22, 2001), Puerto Ricans are proud of having rescued the painting from obscurity and feel that It now belongs to Puerto Rico . Afterward, it was promptly purchased by the Ponce Museum of Art in Puerto Rico where it currently resides (see the following account). The painting was honored in song by Paul Weller on his Stanley Road album and Mexican singer Luis Miguel (who was born in Puerto Rico) in his music video for the song Amarte es un placer . It also illustrates the cover of the 1989 album Waltz Darling by Malcolm McLaren. In 1963, Luis A.

Painted with oil paints on a 47 x 47 square canvas, it is widely considered to be Leighton s magnum opus, showing his classicist nature. Flaming June is currently on display at the Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart, Germany, as of November 2009. The (toxic) Oleander branch in the top right, symbolises the fragile link between sleep and death. .