Rag painting

painting - Rag painting
Photograph by Patricia Lazar : Ceramic Art : Teapots : Pet Painton Flickr.

Rag painting or ragging is a form of Faux painting using paint thinned out with Glaze and old rags to Rag painting create a lively texture on walls and other surfaces. Ragging is a fast and fun form of Faux painting utilized by painting beginners and professional decorators. It can be done as a Rag painting negative or positive technique.

Ragging is also often used as a pattern underneath stenciling. . The former involves rolling glaze over the entire surface, and removing Isle of the Dead painting it with clean rags to reveal the underlying paint color in a pleasing textural pattern.

The latter is accomplished by applying Rag painting glaze directly to the wall with a rag, and creates a similar pattern. Ragging is a very adaptable finish that can be used in a variety of areas, creating the illusion of an old world texture, but on a flat surface that can be easily painted over. Ragging can be done Rag painting in a variety of patterns, including rag rolling in which the rags are twisted together, and then rolled over a wet glazed surface creating the illusion of fabrics such a velvet or silk.