Speed painting

painting - Speed painting
Photograph by ydiggnmeon Flickr.

The pieces usually have an unpolished appearance, which stresses the importance of every stroke made on the canvas, Speed painting digital or otherwise. Speed Painting Argentina Lucio Brucio Speedpaintinghttp://www.nicodimattia.com Thomas Pringle Speedpaintings . Speed Painting is a widely used term in the Entertainment industry, painting often amongst Concept Artists. Its popularity on the internet was drastically Speed painting increased with YouTube videos featuring fan-paintings by digital artists like Nico Di Mattia.

Speed Painting is an exercise, primarily digital, in which one paints on Matte filmmaking a time budget, using already developed methods to create a piece. It is about using value, color, texture, and composition to create a Speed painting compelling and narrative piece within a relatively narrow timeframe.

Contrary to (somewhat) popular belief, Speed Painting is not the same as a time-lapse video of a painting. An example of a traditional speedpainter would be the late Denny Dent, who made a name for himself painting Speed painting 4 x 6 portraits of famous rock stars from start to finish during the course of a single song.

Sadly, before Denny died, he had trained only one A follower in Dent s footsteps would be Dan Dunn who also creates large scale paintings set to Speed painting music in relatively short periods of time(typically 3-7 minutes). Raw speed painting is akin to the Alla Prima method of traditional fine artists, in which there is no sketch or underpainting (which are found in Di Mattia s paintings). Technically these videos were not speedpainting, though they helped publicize Speed painting the practice.