Wash painting

painting - Wash  painting
Photograph by Chris Isherwoodon Flickr.

However, when gum arabic watercolor washes are applied to a highly absorbent surface, such as paper, the effects are long Wash painting lasting. This is the reason why watercolor is the medium most often utlizing washes. The wash technique can be achieved by painting doing the following: .

Solvents dilute the binder, thus Wash painting diluting the binding strength of the paint. Washes can be brittle and fragile paint films because of this.

The drybrush technique can be Texture painting considered the opposite of a wash. A wash is accomplished by using a large amount of solvent with little paint. A wash is a painting technique Wash painting in which a paint brush that is very wet with solvent and holds a small paint load is applied to a wet or dry support such as paper or primed or raw canvas.

Paint consists of a pigment and binder which allows the pigment to adhere to its Wash painting support. The result is a smooth and uniform area that ideally lacks the appearance of brush strokes and is semi-transparent.